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J. Presis

"Carl is the best coach I have worked with so far. He works with you on more personal level, and his experience allows you to bring any question up for discussion. As a real coach he pushes you to find answer and makes you to challenge yourself. And it is really great to talk with him about casual things as well."

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PPG Industries
N. Kristofova

"I have to say that it was one of the best trainings in last years i have joined. It was structured, fun, great balance of theory and practise. What i really liked is how Carl can work with individuals and get the best from people and from the group."

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I. Galashev

"Carl is strongly focused on result and at the same time very attentive to the people... On the training about virtual team working at the first moment he created friendly environment that was remain unchanged until the last day."

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Zebra Technologies
M. Petříková

"… a truly amazing lecturer who overcame my most positive expectations. He really paid attention and tried to recognize every participant of his course even when he had limited time to build on that."

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P. Švéda

"I can highly recommend Carl's trainings on Coaching and Leadership. His sessions are catching, funny and give me a lot of new insights."

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J. Piotrkowska

"We had few coaching sessions during a rough period in my work-life and Carl helped me to reduce the stress and gave great advices to go through some situations... He made me figure out some things myself, but also made good points when I needed them. "

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