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What I can offer

As an IB Psychology Educator I can provide extra help and guidance for IB Psychology students around the world. Guide you through the 3 core elements of the curriculum and optional topics; teach you how to organise your work, answer questions and provide feedback.  

What do you learn with IB Psychology?

At the core of the diploma IB psychology course is an introduction to three different approaches to understanding behaviour: the biological, cognitive and sociocultural approaches. Students study and critically evaluate the knowledge, concepts, theories and research that have developed the understanding in these fields.

The contribution and the interaction of the three approaches is understood through the four options in the course, focusing on areas of abnormal psychology; developmental psychology; health psychology and the psychology of relationships. The options provide an opportunity to take what is learned from the study of the approaches to psychology and apply it to specific lines of inquiry

  IB graduates learn to interact with the world around them, to lead with respect and courage, and to use diplomacy in dealing with others. IB graduate Justin Trudeau embodies these ideals, and puts them to work every day in his role as Prime Minister of Canada. 

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